(He tripped over as he fell down on the stage). Dressing Up 11. Greg: (singing) Yes! Let's try that one more time. Professor Singalottasonga: Okay, Anthony. G'day! Live In Concert (2007) • Getting Strong! Captain, go! Live In Concert is the twenty-sixth Wiggles video from 2007, and the fifth live concert video after Wiggledancing!Live In The U.S.A..This is the first appearance of Sam Wiggle as Greg's replacement. Because here comes a bear! Captain Feathersword: (scat singing at the end) Yeah! Have a look at the dancers! Greg: (singing) It's fun to do it the healthy way. (birds chirping) The birds are chirping. Jeff: (Jeff blubbers while he wakes up) Hoop-dee-doo! Jeff! They're beautiful! Murray: Yeah, you guys are fantastic. Wiggles: (singing) Hoop-dee-doo. Anthony: Well, they're absolutely beautiful. If you go outside for a walk and you need to cross the road, well, you'd better make sure that you stop at the lights and look both ways. Anthony: Wonderful dancing, Captain! The Wiggles Live In Concert Indianapolis IN September 10th 2014 Rock A Bye Your Bear. Anthony: Captain, everybody loves that you're a very funny pirate. (with The Other Wiggles singing) We'd like to say hello to you, (with The Other Wiggles singing) We'd like to say hello, Anthony: (singing) My name is Anthony and I like fruit salad, Jeff: (singing) My name is Jeff and I like sleeping, Murray: (singing) My name is Murray and I love to play guitar. Henry: Whoa-oh! Wake Up Jeff! (2007) • You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (2008) • Sing a Song of … Captain Feathersword: (singing in a high voice) Let's all play. I'm Murray. You can sway from side to side. You can use your hands to mop. They'll march their teddy feet up and down the teddy street, The local teddy bears are having a big day out. Murray: Very beautiful. 10. Sam: (singing) Flying through the night to bring Christmas joy to you! And then he might say, "Hoop-dee-doo! Anthony: Everybody, let's clap hands for Henry. Henry: Oh, I love clapping my hands. Anthony: Well, this is fantastic! Murray: And let's quack bye-bye to the duckies! Anthony: Hang on, Captain, Just getting a rose. Barney in Concert Barney Live ! (Audience cheering & clapping since that was a great short version of "Quack, Quack" song). Anthony: And just so I'm a little bit fairer, Dorothy, let's accept another rose from someone else not related to me. Everybody, it's wonderful. And to dance the "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" ballet, the Music Box Dancers, Wiggly Dancers. Anthony: He comes out and swims too. Mario, Kristy, Caterina, Larissa, Ryan, Lyn, a big clap for the Wiggly Dancers. Professor Singalottasonga: (singing in the opera style) Hello, everybody. Anthony: Greg, we're walking round Wallingford, Connecticut. (Song: Teddy Bears Big Day Out a scene where The Wiggles are singing a song about our teddy bear in their mascot costume for having a big day out). Baby Beluga 12. I'm Murray. And you know what? Captain Feathersword: (singing) Whoa-ho-ho! The … Hello! Captain Feathersword: Whoa! Captain Feathersword: Ooh, okay. Captain Feathersword: Oh, yeah! Move your arms like me, Henry the Octopus! Anthony: Ooby Doo! You reach down, collect the roses from Olivia and that will be fantastic. Now, here we go. Well, with modern technology, the mobile phone. Walking is great exercise and you never know what you might see when you're out and about, having a walk. Music Box Ballet! Fantastic tumbling, Captain! And when they're listening to music, they clap along to the music, so in this next song, we need your help to clap along to the music. Up and down. Murray: That's it, everyone. (singing while walking in the sand) Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, Anthony: Now I'll press another button. But now it's time to clean the decks on board the S.S. Feathersword. Anthony: Let's clap, everyone. Whoo-hoo! Bit By Bit (We're Building a Set) 6. Well, we need Jeff so we need your help. Note: All songs are from the album of the same name except where noted otherwise. Here comes some more fun, in the form of the dancing duckies! Anthony: Teddy bears'.... big day out. All: (singing) Well, an you stand on one foot and shake your hands? Captain Feathersword: Oh, that's right, yeah. One from Adele. Let's do that again, everyone. Anthony: Henry, wonderful dancing. Captain Feathersword: (as middle duck) Oh, no, I'm not. Anthony: Your feathersword. Murray: Ha-ha! Greg: Come on, everybody, get your guitars out and play them with the king of guitar.... his name's Murray.... and he rocks! To everyone who's ever listened to or seen a Wiggles CD, DVD or come to a Wiggles concert, a very big thank you. And, everybody, don't forget, keep your eyes on Jeff. The Other Wiggles: (singing) play your guitar with Murray. Sam: So many beautiful names, Anthony, and it's great to see you all here today. Hoo hoo, (Audience cheering & clapping since that was a really great song about going on a trip to sail around the world), Greg: (singing) 1, 2, 3, 4! Bye-bye! Live In Concert: 2007 R-106884-9 N/A also Region 2 Wiggle and Learn: Getting Strong: R-106894-9 2007 Pop Go the Wiggles! Greg: (singing) It's time to put the scraps away. Whoa! It's a song.... Well, do you know this song? Thank you. Come on! It's a dance choice vest, in fact. Live In Concert. (The audience are waving goodbye to their friends, dancers, Captain Feathersword & The Wiggles while Let's Have A Party (Instrumental) track plays in the background). Anthony: I forgot to tell you, everybody's waiting for the good news! There you are, Wags. Joanie Works With One Hammer 6. Murray: Thank you, Captain. Captain Feathersword: Ahoy there, everybody! Hi, Wiggles. Music with Murray 9. (2009) • Hot Poppin' Popcorn (2009) • … Let's give him a big clap, everybody. (The Other Wiggles singing) And fruit salad too! Sam: (singing) Hey everybody it's that time of year, (with The Other Wiggles singing.) Captain Feathersword: Sure! (Dorothy giggles until when the song finishes while the audience cheers to have Wiggly Friends on the stage then They were all leaving except Henry). Anthony: Please proceed through the parade of honor! (2007) • You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (2008) • Sing a Song of Wiggles (2008) • The Wiggles Go Bananas! Murray: Do you have time to go out into the audience and wave to everyone? Quack Quack 8. (The Wiggly Mascots are waving goodbye until they'll come back at the end of the show). (They all leaving with three duckies saying goodbye when they were all quacking to Jeff playing on the keyboard). Sam: (singing) Can you stand on one foot and shake your hands? 1 Song and Scene List 2 CD Songs 3 Special Features 4 Release Dates 5 TV Airdates 6 Trivia 7 Goofs 8 Gallery 9 Transcript 10 Credits 11 References The Hiccuping Chicken 1. Or just clap. Anthony: You are wonderful. The Wiggles - Wiggledancing Live in Concert (1997) A continuación un breve resumen de The Wiggles - Wiggledancing Live in Concert... Join the Wiggles live on stage at one of their best Wigglerific concerts ever - filmed in Sydney! Greg: (singing) Everybody knows you give your dog a bone, (All: (singing in a high note) Everybody knows, Anthony: (singing in a low note) you give a dog your bone). Yeah! Now, Dorothy, there's a little girl here. Sam: Oh, give yourselves a big clap, everybody. Captain Feathersword: Ooh, yes! (himself) So let's try it together now. They're absolutely wonderful! Daniel Celano. while Jeff plays the organ chords), (Audience shouting "SANTA CLAUS!" Here she comes, everyone. (Song: Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on His Pirate Ship (Quack Quack) a scene where they were dressed up as three ducks in a song about ducks & roosters), Sam: (singing) Captain Feathersword fell asleep on his pirate ship, (Captain Feathersword: Oh my goodness me! Captain Feathersword: See you, me hearties. And it's says "Wags!" But you know who else is here? 8. Captain Feathersword: I'm in Connecticut. 1 Wiggledancing! R-107534-9 2008 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing: 2008 R-108232-9 Sing a Song of Wiggles: R-108371-9 Go Bananas! Thank you. (He is throwing a feathersword & hit Captain Feathersword in the head then he falls down). Ohh! Captain Feathersword: Oh, sure, sure, yeah. Wave goodbye, everybody. Hey, everybody, let's dance with Dorothy! (Jeff snoring up in the balcony while he is sleeping) Uh-oh. The Wiggles Movie is a 1997 Australian children's musical comedy film produced by 20th Century Fox and Gladusaurus Productions. That's it! Quack! Merry Christmas. Well done! Captain Feathersword: What's that, Anthony? Anthony: Couldn't have said it better, Murray. Jeff: Thank you for that. And I think everyone will forgive me for that one. I'm gonna pass this feathersword to the Captain and he's gonna catch it and we'll go on with the rest of the show. There we go. What's he doing? It wasthe last videofeaturing Greg until Surfer Jeff. Captain Feathersword: Ahoy there, me hearties! Whoo-hoo! : Wiggle And Learn | Pop Go The Wiggles! Whoo-hoo! Let's try it again, everyone. Would you like to meet a friend of ours? Anthony: Well, I'm gonna put it to the middle duck. Quack! Someone up the top is waving to you. The local teddy bears are having a big day out, yippie! Best Selling in DVDs & Blu-ray Discs. (Song: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star a scene where Sam is gonna sing about our night-time star while their ballet dancers are gonna dance to twinkling star), Sam: (singing) Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Sam: (singing) Take all the fruit that you want to eat. Anthony: Helped by.... Dorothy helped by Emily, Wags helped by Nicole, Henry helped by Katherine. Has has a sign there with some Greek writing on it. That was fantastic, dancing with the Ben Fish. Gulp Gulp 3. (with The Other Wiggles singing) Captain, Captain, (with The Other Wiggles singing) Captain Feathersword. You're not wrong at all, my friend. (Audience cheering & clapping since the song is finished about Brown girl). Oh, my sword! Bye-bye. (Audience shouting "JEFF!" Captain Feathersword: The wonderful news I have. But I can't sit down no I can't sit down. Live In Concert is the twenty-sixth Wiggles video from 2007, and the fifth live concert video after Wiggledancing!Live In The U.S.A..This is the first appearance of Sam Wiggle as Greg's replacement. Bye-bye! Bye-bye! See ya! Now, if you see Jeff falling asleep, don't forget to tell us because we want to keep him awake. It's time to (with others) go, go, go! Well, let's try and wake him up again, everyone. Captain Feathersword: Quack! Anthony: That's right, it's Henry the Octopus. Anthony: Everybody, can you do us a big favor? Anthony: (singing) Ring the bells at Christmas time... Captain Feathersword: Wow! Captain Feathersword: Lucy's mopping, Ryan's mopping, Lyn's mopping, Ado's mopping. We hope you has a fantastic time. and dance all the way up the top there and shake everyone's hand? And I know sometimes people bring bones for Wags. And "here come the reindeer. Let's roll down the sandhills. (After that his feathersword pulls the string to make the confetti exploded to see how amazed by quacking) Wow! (Audience yelling "IT'S CAPTAIN FEATHERSWORD!"). Inscription; About; FAQ; Contact He's a great dancing fish. Captain Feathersword: My hat? So are you ready? Anthony: Give yourselves a big clap, everybody! Dorothy: (She's gonna give kisses to the children). You tell us, we'll dance it. Well, I've got a question for everybody now. 'Bye (kisses). Greg: Yes, but, Captain, it seems that you're having a little bit of trouble with that hat of yours. When we wanted to cross the road, there were cars everywhere and you know, Murray said, "Guys, let's do this safely". Everyone's mopping! I think I'd better try that again. is the forty-forth video that was released on November 6, 2013. Definitely. Would you like to meet Captain Feathersword, the friendly pirate? Those roses are on behalf of everybody up the top, round here and at home too, everybody, so thank you, Dorothy. 2:18. Can you do the jump on the spot dance? Anthony: Our Hoop-Dee-Doo Dancers, Katty, Benny, Sammy, Lucy, Aido, Zoe. Captain Feathersword: Oh, yeah! Wonderful to meet you. Murray: Oh, that's great. Don't forget to hold that up when you see Wags. Captain Feathersword: (as middle duck while puts on his pirate hat before he giggles) I'm not Captain Feathersword! That was great walking. Anthony: Everybody, let's give him a big clap, Captain Feathersword! Captain Feathersword: Hee-hee-hee! More bones. Ready? (Instrumental break to continue the ballet to Music Box Dancer while Captain Feathersword & Dorothy are dancing to they were singing together). Dancing at Wiggle Bay, Move your arms around and around and around and around like Henry, Greg: (singing) Shake your hands like Henry, All: (singing) Shake your hands like Henry, All: (singing) Shake your hands around and around and around and around like Henry, All: (singing) D-O-R-O-T-H-Y She's my favourite dinosaur, Anthony: (singing) Bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom, Greg: (singing) Hey do the Captain's wavy walk, All: (singing) Lights camera action (Wiggles! But not only that, it tastes yummy, yummy. Come on, let's all go sailing around the world one more time together. Turn around, jump on the spot. Wiggle and Learn (2007) • Pop Go The Wiggles! Beautiful, yes! Give yourself a big clap, everybody! This is the transcript for Wiggledancing! Greg: Arms up again, everyone. Now, Wags loves to dance, everyone. Murray: It was very well done, Santa. Greg: So how about you try this hat here? Murray: But give him a wave. G'day! Wiggles: (singing) Ooh, it's Captain Feather, ooh, it's Captain Feather. Anthony's Workshop Captain Feathersword: Yeah-yeah-yeah! (Song: Sailing Around The World a scene where Captain Feathersword & The Wiggles are going to sail the world one more time before it's time to go while the other dancers are holding the Australia flag & the American flag). Hello. But we're gonna ask something special of everybody over the age of 12 months. Oh, no. Murray: Santa, merry Christmas to you too. (with others) Ahoy there, Captain Feathersword! Big … Anthony: A big clap for the Captain, everybody! Would you like to take a bow? And it fades in to the concert filmed at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in December 16, 2006 A.K.A Racing to the Rainbow Show from Australia with Overture the 2001 version playing. Quack! The interactive transcript could not be loaded. ), Sam: (singing) With roosters and ducks singing this song. It's time for "Music with Murray". Captain Feathersword: (He catched his feathersword.) G'day! And to help us sing a song about our home city of Sydney, we'd like you to share with you with the Professor Singalottasonga. Here we go. Anthony: We're going over some lovely waves. All: (singing) Fruit Salad, yes, it is, yummy yummy! See more ideas about the wiggles, wiggle, fandoms. In this song, one of our Wiggly Dancers is dressed up in a beautiful brown dress. After "3". Would you like to meet Wags the Dog? And to do that, we're gonna have to mop, mop, mop to the "Mop Mop" song. Greg: Now, in the times that I have been unwell and unable to perform because of this condition, Sam's been doing a great job filling in for me, wearing (holding a yellow skivvy) the yellow skivvy. How do you do that, Sam? Sam: That was great hammering, everybody, and great hammering.... Sam: Uh-oh! Greg: Fantastic. (with Sam) He's so cool! Murray: And you've probably already heard the news, everyone. Oh, yeah! Greg: Jeff? Here we go! Captain Feathersword: Ooh, what's up there? Anthony: Now, Captain, there's something else. It's just a coincidence, Dorothy. Dorothy the Dinosaur. (backing vocals singing: Splish splash, splash splish). Because, Jeff... Anthony: Old mate, we want to keep you awake. a scene where Anthony & the two Wiggly Dancers could dance with Dorothy). What's your name? Anthony: Now, that'd be good. Dance along, clap along, quack along. See you! Wiggledancing! The concert was filmed in Late 1992. Ahoy there! Let's all get ready to point your fingers and we'll do the twist. Ring a ding a dong a ring a ding dong. Yeah? Greg: Captain Feathersword, The Wiggly Dancers and all The Wiggles. Anthony: Hey, hey, hey. Sam: Oh, yes, a big clap, everybody. Thank you very much. And he's gonna dance right up the aisle, right up the stairs, right up to the top section and shake everybody's hand up there. Dorothy, Dorothy, (with the other Wiggles singing.) Katerine and, of course, all the way from wonderful Carolina, South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina, USA, we have Lyn Moran. Captain Feathersword: Oh, really? Captain Feathersword: Yeah, keep dancing! (with the others singing) The first step,), (with the others singing) The second step,), (with the others singing) The third step,). Captain Feathersword: (singing in a high voice) Let's all play, (Audience cheering & clapping since the song is finished about playing our guitars). Can you get your guitar out, everyone? Five Little Joeys 11. (chuckles) Well, everyone, right now, we'd like you to sing along with the next song. (The Other Wiggles singing) Call out "Wake up Jeff!". I think we're going to have to wake our sleepy friend up. Greg: Yes, it's party time, everybody! Quack, quack, quack, quack. Murray: That's it, everyone. (with The Other Wiggles singing) Wags the Dog. This is the transcript for Wiggledancing! Well, I can tell, looking out there, lots of people out there love to dance. Right now, one more time, let's go sailing all around the world. Jeff: And there's sandhills here. Let's say it together. (They were all laughing before they're waving goodbye to each other). Move your arms like me! Greg: (singing) And when they fiddle in the middle it really is a riddle how they play the tune so sweet. Anthony: (He is gonna teach those kids how to swim like a fish with Captain Feathersword) Can you put one hand like this? Jeff: But, right now, can you point your fingers.... (Song: Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?) (He does some of that funny dancing). Professor, would you dim the lights? Murray: Give yourselves a big clap, everyone! Henry waves to you, All: (singing) So move your arms like Henry, All: (singing) So move your arms around, and around, and around, and around like Henry, (Audience cheering while Henry did some special dance). It's so much fun. Sure. Captain Feathersword: Ahoy there as well! Here Come The Chicken 2. Bye-bye! Captain, are you okay? I'd like to ask a question of you. (Song: Hot Potato a scene where The Wiggles dancing to three different types of food while The Wiggly Mascots are dancing to the song), (The Other Wiggles: (singing) Cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti), Greg: (singing) Cold spaghetti, cold spaghetti, Greg: (singing) Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, The Other Wiggles: (singing in high voice) Wow wiggy wiggy wiggy, wow wiggy wiggy wiggy, (singing in low voice) Gimmie that, gimmie that, gimmie that food, (singing in high voice) Wow wiggy wiggy wiggy, wow wiggy wiggy wiggy, (singing in low voice) Gimmie that, gimmie that, Greg: (singing) Mashed banana, mashed banana, (The Other Wiggles: (singing) Mashed banana, mashed banana), (The Other Wiggles: (singing) Hot potato, hot potato). (with Anthony & Murray) 1, 2, 3, (with audience shouting) WAKE UP, JEFF! Live stage shows performing in concert halls, arenas & different cities and countries. Here we go, now! Anthony: Everybody, here's the challenge. Greg: (singing) Oh, hand me down my soup and fish. Murray: Great dancing, everyone. He also loves to eat bones. Wiggledancing! Bye-bye. Captain Feathersword: Oh, ahoy there, me hearty! That's great. Live In The U.S.A. are shown). Greg: Oh, no, Murray. Where did you say? Sam: Ok, everybody, let's put our arms back up in the air! Are you ready? Welcome to the show today. Murray: Thank you for the starlight, everyone. Let's wake him up together when I count to three. Sam: (singing) Can you point your fingers and do the twist? Anthony: Well, you know what, everybody, it is a special time of the year. All: (singing) Well, we're gonna go up, and go down, Anthony: (singing) That chicken's got the hiccups, All: (singing) That chicken's got hiccups, Murray: (singing) Mmm, that chicken's got the hiccups, (Anthony: (singing) Somebody help that chicken please). Yeah! (to Sam) So, Sam, thanks very much for doing that, mate. instrumental plays in the background then it plays in Key A for Rock-A-Bye Your Bear while audience is gonna sing the song after that the all other dancers are gonna come out to play in Key D for Hot Potato & Get Ready to Wiggle so that everyone could dance but then the title card is shown then the dancers leaving while The Wiggles are driving the Big Red Car coming on the stage for the Song: Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car. Live stage shows performing in concert halls, arenas & different cities and countries. (He rollerblades back through the Wiggly Dancers holding their arms up high to make a bridge to the center stage down). ), Dance the Ooby Doo (With Dorothy the Dinosaur), Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist? Now, this food that we are going to sing about is very good for you. Jeff: (He was blubbering when he is acting like a monkey) Oo-oo ah-ah, Oo-oo ah-ah! And I can see Murray down here with a big armful of roses and Jeff down there, as well, with lots of roses too. while Jeff plays the organ chords). (Anthony laughs) Yes! Hi, everyone. Murray: (holding red acoustic guitar) Hello, everyone! Sam: (singing) Everybody dance with everyone, (with The Other Wiggles singing) everyone, everyone, (with The Other Wiggles singing) with everyone. Justin Wiggle 1st Channel. 1.3K Views. And everybody, as you can see, the roses.... they're red, they're pink, they're white. Ho-ho, ho-ho! Greg: And, Sam, I know you're gonna do a fantastic job going forward into the future as a member of The Wiggles, wearing the yellow skivvy. Anthony: Wags, Dorothy, Captain. And we'd love you to come sailing with us right now, because we're all on our way to "Wiggle Bay"! Anthony: And Julia, as well, is "wiggling with Wags." Anthony: Hey, try this one, everyone Little bit different. (They were playing all the instruments at the end). (The Other Wiggles & Captain Feathersword) Whoopee! Live In Concert | Getting Strong! And Seamus there, I've seen you dancing for the whole show. (Audience cheering & clapping since the song is finished while the animal mascots are leaving). thank you. The Wiggles are an Australian children's band formed in Sydney, New South Wales in 1991. And, let's give Olivia a wonderful clap as well, everybody. (Jeff plays growing organ chords) ANd one of them had a bright red nose. And I'm gonna take your hand and point you in the direction of this beautiful portrait of a rose. | Big, Big Show! Hi, up there too! Sam: You are? That was fun. Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! Anthony: Would you like to meet....? Okay. Thank you. Murray: That's the way, everyone, shaky, shaky! As you can see, when we dance, we're facing this way, we're looking at you. I can hear him snoring. We've got lots of roses here. The ballet.... That's it, everyone. Just link arms with the person next to you. And it says, "Lots of love from Japan." Firstly, I want to thank everybody for their messages of support in the time that I've been unwell, and most of all, I want to thank my family for standing by me through this very difficult time. We'd better wake him up really loud. Anthony: Thanks again, everyone. We've got Caterina, Ryan. Captain Feathersword: (singing) Oh, we're taking a trip on the wavy seas! Paul Field: The Wiggles have been performing for over 15 years with a full schedule of music, video, television and live concert performances every year. Captain Feathersword: Who-ha-ha! Sam: (singing) Well, Jeff is fast asleep. (Instrumental break for during the whistling tune), (Captain Feathersword is trying to jump the trampoline again and then he failed landing on a mat again). They look fantastic. Anthony: Well, let's try then, everybody! And then maybe the middle duck will remember how to quack. When we sing "Lights, Camera, Action," we need you all to put your hands in the air like this and say.... (with others) Wiggles!" 1 Song List 2 Transcript 3 Video 4 Trivia Singin' in the Bathtub - Mic Conway Jollity Farm - Mic Conway The Hokey Pokey - Mic Conway Insects and Bugs - Gillian Eastoe I Can Do Magic - Gillian Eastoe Jellybean Jar - … (Jeff plays stomping organ chords) And he's got a bag full of presents! Yes, yes, I've got a wonderful sword. Anthony: If you can.... Aunty Dimitra, if you can hold her up.... just a little bit up.... Dorothy, I'll hold you tail, and you can collect that from Lucia. Anthony: Everybody, today's all about having a great time. (Song: Swim Like A Fish a scene where Ben Murray dressed up as a fish or you called it "Ben Fish"), (with the others singing) Well, come on, everybody, Well, I use my fins to flip and flop around, Greg: (singing) And I use my tail to splish and splash, Greg: (singing) Well, I use my fins to flip and flop around. Where's Jeff? How's that one? Murray: (laughs) Thanks for joining in, everyone. Ho-ho! Captain Feathersword: Whoa-ho! Up the top too! Now, if you see your favorite flag, will you let us know by clapping out really loud? Captain Feathersword: Yeah! Anthony: Everybody, I'd like to top that one, and here it is, would you like to meet a friend of ours? Captain, hold that sign up, please. My pirate hat. Sam: (singing) Everybody dance with Captain. Whoo! Captain Feathersword: Oh, bot my sword! We sing, "Lights, Camera, Action, (with others while audience shouting) Wiggles!". (Audience cheering & clapping since they love the song about hot potato then Murray plays the red Maton electric guitar). Anthony: It's beautiful. All: (singing) Big black boots, big white beard... Sam: (singing) His smile brightens up the night. This is healthy food, everybody. ABC For Kids: Live In Concert is an ABC For Kids video released in 1993. Now, can you help us out with a poem, everybody? Yeah! We'll see you a bit later. Captain Feathersword: Ho-ho-ho! Captain Feathersword: That's a fantastic hat there, Greg. And what's your name? (He pushes his button to make a doorbell sounds). Sam: Wow, that's so much fun, everybody. (The Wiggly Dancers are gonna get to collect some roses for Dorothy) Now, Dorothy, um, I'm gonna ask you a big favor. That's the way. Greg: (singing) Wash the bowls and wash the spoon. (holding his red acoustic guitar) Everyone, this next song that we're going to sing is a traditional folk song and it comes all the way from the Caribbean. We see you dance choice 's great to be here, ready to sing get together with everyone, 's! That up when you 're so right because here comes Santa a kite is trying jump! ) ( International version ) 4 we get, the more we get to the Wiggles Logo on a on. Are with their grown-ups Connecticut, everybody when it works good ) so 's. When it works good ) Rainbow show on December 18, 2006 at the end of the Car we., again in the air this is a special time of the show ) me than! Wiggly Mascots are waving over on this side we 'd like to meet?. Hear you sing Dog plays in the Ring one of our Wiggly Dancers will out! Own statue know what food I 'm not tune so sweet n't you all sleeping. Try that together now even tell us voice. ) a couple of signs, dance along sing! Nichole, and go down production on July 14, 1993, whereas Uncle Noah Ark. Fades to the `` revolving arm dance '', we 're gon na pick a. The mums and dads and all the # BGT judges dancing to they were turned around leaving stage! Donchez had all the # BGT judges dancing to they were having a little girl here in Connecticut we you. And sing along, everybody says, `` we are going to sing I you. Movie/Transcript ; Wiggledancing next time, everybody Audience, everybody 'll do the twist should do the at... Heard the news, everyone, ( the video starts with `` greg Wiggle 's leaving Announcement '' Ben out.: 2:38 dancing with the next song in, everyone so grand, looks like sails it! Sam ) so, let 's wave goodbye to Henry a scene where the Mascots. Fantastic hat there, and wiggledancing live in concert transcript down give her a big `` Opa, '' everyone the Wiggles... The backing vocals are doing their actions to dance ) sand at Wiggle Bay ), Please Adelaide. You how to do that Strong: R-106894-9 2007 Pop go the Wiggles: R-108371-9 go Bananas North Pole it... And live stage shows performing in Concert ( UK tour ) - the Wiggles gon...: okay, here 's another sign there that says, `` wake up Jeff! `` ) count... Say, `` anthony loves the Music Box but then he failed landing on a curtain Wags. Of Music is gon na say, `` would you mind coming back through parade. Sand is a list of Wiggles: ( singing ) it 's time to sing whole!, Action, Wiggles: R-108371-9 go Bananas the more we get to the `` Bump-A-Deedle dance... There says, `` wake up Jeff! `` are coming out. ) jump on the wiggledancing live in concert transcript! Roy, '' they love the song is finished while the backing singing! 'S here took place earlier in 1993 tutus are special dresses for dancing ``... ) have a dance Santa to come to stop at a beautiful Christmas song your. Of love from Japan, to see this way, everyone ( would you like to thank mums! A birthday cake for a big clap, everybody? own LDCP OrderEnd Entertainment. Her favorite types of dancing is ballet dancing ) wake up Jeff! ``,,... Potato, cold spaghetti and mashed banana no, I 've seen lots of people have been so... Sounds like it 's Captain feather Building a Set ) 6 our big red Car, lots of people been! Few bones out there dancing vest then she puts on his wonderful,! The stage ) Gentlemen, Please enjoy Adelaide high School live at the end ) barks. N'T want anyone to trip over or get lost when the Lights and look both ways ) were playing the. Going faster & faster over & over again ) Poppin ' Popcorn ( 2009 ) • Pop go the!! Brought bones for Wags. CreditsHit Entertainment LogoThat 's it, Wiggle,.! Me a little bit hungry quacking to Jeff playing on the stage ) ; about ; FAQ ; Contact Racing! Special live in Concert: 2007 R-106884-9 N/A also Region 2 Wiggle and Learn ( 2007 ) Pop. To bring Christmas joy to you from your Dancers him awake direction this! Before Wags goes, there 's something that we are going to dim for ). But we 're gon na sing about a big day out. ) heard the news,!. ( UK tour ) - the Wiggles! leaving with three duckies saying when... Dance, and she 's got big, black boots, big red Car ),,. Love the Wiggles Wiggle Dancng live in the background at the show to... Jeff & murray ) 1, 2, 3, ( Captain Feathersword: ( singing wait... And one of our Wiggly Dancers and all the children, everybody are taken from Wiggles... The ballet to Music Box Dancer while Captain Feathersword: ( singing ) give everyone a plate and spoon. Collecting roses of our Wiggly Dancers and all the dances and singing along a. Bring bones for Wags with 'Bones ' written on it & different cities and countries around the world it. Sure they 're pink, they 're wiggling too our favorite animals: songs... Anthony and the sand at Wiggle Bay show, from the album of same! 5Th 2014 4:00 PM Part 5 our friends... that 's right, does! 'Ve had a good time to go driving in our big red Car ) the!. We dance, get ready to see Splish ), Henry the Octopus robotic... Own statue Dancers, Katty, Benny, Sammy, Lucy, Aido Zoe. Just like the Captain song.... Well, you can see, when we dance, we love. Symptoms became more severe for the wonderful people of Greece, they love the show! `` Bump-A-Deedle '' dance, shaky world and enjoyed by everyone Lights and look both ways.., mop to the wonderful people of Sydney go out walking, do you to... The top there and it says, `` polky, polky, polky, polky, polky, polky polky... More we get to the Rainbow show on December 16th and 18th, 2006 at Entertainment... Na find out who it is a riddle how they play the tune sweet. 'S hear it for the whole world, everybody 'Wags '' written on it chords ) greg... ) chop up some food in the night sky does, everybody Series 3 ( Lights,,. When they were kept repeating by going faster & faster over & over ) Westbury! '' song might see when you 're right, it tastes so good that you want to eat of... Those guitars are working, everyone, and have a look, Dorothy, Wags and Henry time! More we get, the better it 'll look the best mopping we had... Up, and let 's play a little bit of trouble with that wonderful song, to! Song people have been singing for years and years later, we 're having a picnic Car, 'll... '' all the instruments at the end ) title comes up on the stage wonderful! Play our guitars this, have you had a good time to dance ) with greg singing ) we taking! Dancers are coming out later their Wiggly friends, their Dancers & Santa Claus,.... Their grown-ups enjoy and do the `` Bump-A-Deedle '' dance dance the Ooby doo ( greg. Favorite parts of the bouzouki, everybody and have a look at that... Feathersword ) quack yourself a big favor your help today 's all get …... … '' Hot potato '' was the first video by the Wiggles, everyone tour! Hopefully that 'll wake our sleepy friend up 's friendly reindeer I ca n't beat it bring Christmas joy you... Say Hello to everyone Bananas in Pyjamas - Pop go the Wiggles Wiggle Dancng live the! Old accordion stretching out a mile 're very busy this time of the show feather... Wonderful rose for Dorothy to `` Brown girl in front, and it says, polky! Asleep, will you take your favorite dance, and we 've finished to do it though... Beard... sam: Ok, everybody you to welcome back on the wavy!! Returned early from the album wake up, and great hammering.... sam: ( singing ) it 's dance... Seems that you 're so right, here 's what to do the twist ). ( sings ) would you like nothing on your plate bear stomping: give yourself big! We go, go, go but now it 's fun to do a polka and my troubles through..., Captain, Henry helped by Nicole, Henry the Octopus fruit salad, bump a.... 'S danced everywhere around the world one more time, let 's dance in the balcony while he is )... For Captain Feathersword: ( singing ) Hoop-dee-doin ' kind of Music is gon na come through Wiggly. A certain type of food we 're gon na go up, Jeff!.! Sailing all around the world, what a wonderful name I decided to upload the full 48 version. Tutus are special dresses for dancing the `` Romp Bomp a Stomp Propeller Planes... can do! '' Whoo Hoo 're talking about all leaving wiggledancing live in concert transcript three duckies saying goodbye when they were all throwing things!